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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I really getting all this stuff for free? What's the catch?

Yes, you are and no, there is no catch. Seriously, everything you see is yours once you claim it and show up with the ticket. Happy snagging!

How do I claim a ticket?

Just double tap the flyer or click the Snagg icon. Quick and simple.

How do I redeem my tickets?

Put the wallet back in your pocket and show your phone with the ticket and its QR code visible. Once it's been scanned and confirmed valid, reap your free rewards.

My phone has crappy reception. Can I access my tickets without an Internet connection?

You sure can. Download your ticket beforehand and access it as any file on your phone. No internet needed when it's time to redeem it.

I can't make it. Can I give my ticket away?

Just release your ticket by pressing the icon to the right under the ticket. Do it in good time so someone else has the chance to go!

I have another question

Shoot us an email at or ask us anything on the Contact page. We'll get back to you in no time.